Physical Science
No. of pages: 1

This physical science worksheet, ‘Does It Make a Shadow?’ provides opportunities for students to explore the properties of different objects.

Readers Theatre
Available in:
No. of pages: 7

This Readers Theatre activity, ‘Electricity’ encourages students to summarise and paraphrase information in texts. It also builds reading fluency. This activity includes a script for 3 readers.

Art Project
No. of pages: 2

This art project ‘Shadow Silhouette Pictures’ enables students to create art using shadows and silhouettes. It is aimed at developing students’ awareness of basic artistic procedures. It provides a list of materials, easy-to-follow step-by-step art instructions and a list of recommended art books.

Editing and Revising
Available in:
No. of pages: 5

This editing and revising learning activity, ‘Why Do We See Colour?’ encourages students to recognise spelling errors, correct tense, punctuation and sentence structure. Answer sheet provided with file download.

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