Art Project
No. of pages: 1

This art project ‘Crayon Resist Jack-o’-Lantern’ enables students to create crayon resist pictures using crayons and paint. It is aimed at developing students’ awareness of basic artistic procedures. It provides a list of materials, easy-to-follow step-by-step art instructions and a recommended art book.

Comprehension and Critical Thinking
No. of pages: 4

This reading comprehension activity, ‘Happy Holidays!’, asks students to answer comprehension questions on a text about the different holidays celebrated around the world.

Reading Comprehension
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No. of pages: 1

This reading comprehension activity, ‘Picture Story: Little Witch’ asks students to identify the story that best matches the picture, which features a girl, who is dressed up as a witch, walking with her dad. It is aimed at developing students’ awareness of semantics and encourages them to recognise the association between a picture and a …More

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