Curriculum-aligned Teaching Resources

Lesson Zone’s extensive range of premium teacher resources has been developed locally to meet the needs of Australia’s primary school teachers. Through using the drop-down Subject menu, finding and downloading resources for each of the key learning areas of the new Australian curriculum is easy! Here you will be able to find resources from hands-on science activities and historical articles to skill based maths and English exercises and lesson plans.

Lessonzone - Curriculum-aligned Teaching Resources

Handy Classroom Toolkit

The Classroom drop-down menu is great for finding resources to help organise, decorate and motivate your class. Here you can find colourful bulletin board trimmers, bunting, display numbering and display lettering to match the theme or topic your class is studying. Through this menu you can also find a bright array of printable stickers, customisable awards and an extensive range of classroom admin resources from parent letters and forms to attendance sheets, reading logs and editable classroom newsletters.

Lessonzone - Printable Types

Want more? Use our Search Tool

Through utilizing our search tool you can find a great array of graphical organisers including fishbone maps, Venn diagrams and KWL charts. You can also search for broad topic areas, themes or events and then use the filter options to narrow your selection to suit your needs.

Lessonzone - Classroom Display

Events & Themes

At any time of the year if you and your class are working on annual Events and Themes we have a wealth of material to add to your activities. So if its Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Mother’s Day or Easter we have you covered. Plus if you are working on any number of themes including mini beasts, dinosaurs, time, music, famous people or many others look no further.

Events and Themes

Filtering by Year Level and / or Stage

All of our resources have been classified and levelled so that you can filter our resources so you see items suitable for Year Levels from Foundation through to Year 8. Alternatively you can filter resources by Stage between 1 and 4.

Lessonzone - Curriculum-aligned Teaching Resources

Multiple Languages

In order to support students in the classroom from different cultures. Most of our resources are available to download in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Hindi and French as well as English. This valuable feature can be invaluable in a number of situations including

  • Supporting children day to day in the classroom who’s primary language is not English
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Supporting students who are studying Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Hindi or French as a second language.
  • Mutiple Languages

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