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No. of pages: 1

This ‘Desk Help Cards’ resource provides teachers with cards so that students who require help can place them on their desks. These cards are designed to allow students to express their need for help in a discreet manner.

Comprehension and Critical Thinking
No. of pages: 4

This reading comprehension activity, ‘Kid Power’, asks students to answer comprehension questions on a text about a hurricane that hit near Puerto Rico, and how kids in New Jersey raised money to help.

Sequencing Activities
No. of pages: 3

This sequencing activity, ‘Little Red Hen’ develops comprehension through sequencing images about the story of the Little Red Hen.

Writing Prompt
No. of pages: 1

This writing prompt, ‘The Extra Mile’ helps students to write about a time when they went the extra mile. It encourages students to think about helping others and is aimed at broadening students’ writing and language skills.

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